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Pictured Invicta director Glyn Shaw pictured with Rebecca George and Jessica Kitchen of IOM Chamber of Commerce at the recent Business Connex event.

Invicta are delighted to become a member of the Isle of man Chamber of Commerce, we were formally introduced to members in the Chambers January newsletter and through their social media platforms.

Glyn Shaw, a director of Invicta met Rebecca George of the Chamber at the Eagle Lab early in December where she explained the function of the Chamber and their programme over the coming months, which included an opportunity for Invicta to showcase itself to other members at one of their future presentations and also meet other members of the Chamber. The benefits of becoming a member of the Chamber were apparent to Glyn “ the Chamber provides a great platform for Invicta to introduce itself to the Island’s business community and demonstrate ways it can assist businesses to comply with the multifarious rules and regulations they face and also advise them on steps they can take to maintain and grow their businesses”.