Homeworking – Best Practices
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A big change for a lot of companies during this pandemic is the transition to homeworking for large portions of the workforce.

This is no different for Invicta Accounting LTD and in this article, we discuss some handy tips for remaining productive throughout and still achieving your goals albeit remotely.

  1. Set up a functional workspace
    Everyone needs somewhere to work, set yourself up a desk with plenty of space just like at the office. Whilst not everyone has a small office, setting up a functional space that is yours means when you sit down your mind can switch to work mode. A key to this is making sure you have all the appropriate technologies available and you can do your job as normal.

  2. Set some ground rules
    A challenge with homeworking can be the distractions that come with that. Not only partners and children but general procrastination. Let people know you are working and to not disturb you where possible. There will be inevitable exceptions and that is fine, but if you allow regular distractions then productivity suffers.

  3. Stick to your daily routine
    This is critical, make sure you still ‘go to work’ as normal, eat breakfast at the same time, take lunch breaks and tea breaks as normal. This way your body and mind stay in the habit of going to work.

  4. Have separate contact numbers
    If possible, you should have a separate number for work and social calls. Be this another mobile phone or VOIP system. Sometimes this is not possible but there are apps out there that link to your office phone system and call your mobile, in this case set up a different ring tone. Keep work and life separate.

  5. Check in with colleagues
    The office dynamic has inevitably changed; this should not stop you keeping in touch with your colleagues. Set up regular conference calls or virtual meetings to discuss your day and any requirements you may have.

  6. Keep it personal to you and stay positive

What works for one does not always work for the other. You may ask colleagues how they are coping, and they have different mechanisms. Do not think you are doing something wrong because it does not work in your case. It is trial and error and you will stumble across the perfect formula.
In staying positive you will find this easier, staying positive starts with not being harsh on yourself. Inevitably with working from home it is a new process and you need to adjust. Allow yourself time to adjust, it will not happen straight away.

7. Take daily exercise

Social distancing is in place and you cannot socialise as normal, and you will no doubt suffer with ‘cabin fever’. Get out for exercise each day as not only will this help physically but also mentally. Your mind needs a complete break, and this is critical.

If you require any assistance throughout the current pandemic please contact us on any of our social media platforms or email us at info@invicta-accounting.com and we will arrange to contact you. We are offering free consultations to all businesses throughout this pandemic.

Please stay safe and respect the social distancing protocols.